Marketing Collateral

The collection of printed PDFs, handouts, direct emails, etc… that your business uses to support the sales and marketing efforts is marketing collateral.

It is a key element in a number of customer interactions. It may be used in the beginning of your interaction with the purpose of gaining recognition of your products and services.It may be used in the sales process to reinforce or to build trust and clarification. The list can go on and on to closing the sale to your after sales efforts to create loyal and long term customers or referrals.

It is there to enhance and encourage your company’s brand with prospects.

Once you have defined the purpose of the collateral and ensuring that it is in step to your overall branding and marketing you should make sure you consider some basic design elements. Some of these include:

  1. Start with an outline of the USP (unique selling points) of your product and the ICP (Ideal customer profile) of your audience.
  2. Consider the overall design aspects to include your color theme, your logo, fonts and important graphics.
  3. Review your current marketing assets and make sure they are measuring up against the points mentioned above.
  4. Involve everyone in your company. Customers are always touching different aspects of your company personnel.Their insights can render a helpful and insightful point of view.
  5. Do a mind map on how your material will be used by employees and by the customers.
  6. The quality of the material will have an impact on how the message is received. We are well studied in the area of behavioral science and the weight and texture of the paper used, does have a scientific impact.
  7. The right mix of graphics and text is important. Have the right mix and it will be attractive to gain recognition.


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